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  George Bushman Farm, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Twelfth Corps Civil War Hospital, 1863 Gettysburg Battle

Bushman Family
of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
and Related Families

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My name is Susan Chapman. This website contains the family history of the Bushman Family of Gettysburg. And several related families including the Hladky and Gulbranson families of Minnesota. I have researched these families for a friend. This website allows me to share the family history with my friends families. Enjoy!.


Surnames researched include: Bushman, Hladky, Gulbrandson etc.; and related families.


Susan Chapman, who is not related to the families contained in this website, is the webmaster of this website. Special ackowledgements to other Bushman researchers. Thank you to the prominent Bushman researchers - Mary Lois Westover Carroll (1908-1992) and Jean Bonham shared their years of research with others, including Judy Bushman Card, descendant of John and Barbara Fishell Bushman. Additional genealogy information is always appreciated!


Any and all contributions to this website are welcome and will be greatly appreciated. This is the story about your families, your legacy. Thank you to everyone that have contributed photographs, documents, and stories.

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Please note that not all data in the family file has been verified and some requires additional research. This website is updated as additional data becomes available.


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Feature Articles

feature 1 BUSHMAN Family of Gettysburg, Pennsylania

Francis X Bushman Francis X Bushman
Famous silent movie star. Starred in silent film of Ben-Hur.

Emanuel P Bushman Emanuel P Bushman
Family storyteller relating tales of Gettysburg Indian fields, headless horseman, and other amusing stories.

Family Tree Catharine A Hoffman Bushman
Told story of Gettysburg battle to granddaughter, regarding talking to Jennie Wade shortly before Jennie was shot, becoming the only Gettysburg civilian casualty, and about almost getting shot in her bedroom and the friendship quilt that the bullet pierced.

Sadie Bushman Jungerman Sadie M Bushman Jungerman
Famous 9 year nurse at Gettysburg Battle.

Strong Vincent Bushman Strong Vincent Bushman
He was born September 29, 1863 in Gettysburg, child of Lewis and Caroline Bushman, at whose house Brig. Gen. Strong Vincent died on July 7, 1863, during the Gettysburg battle. Strong Vincent's family requested the Bushman baby be named after him.

George J Bushman George Joseph Bushman
Child of Lewis and Caroline Bushman, who was murdered.

Family Tree Clarence Edward Lewis Bushman
Child of George Bushman. Changed name to Mahogany Celb. World traveler.

Family Tree Martin Bushman
Early follower of the Mormon Church, moved from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Nauvoo,Illinois to Iowa to Utah.

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